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Nail Enhancement After Care

Getting Used to Your Nail Enhancements

  • Nail can take some getting used too that's why we recommend you have them at a manageable length if it's your first time into the world of nails. Once you become accustomed to them, they'll start to feel as natural as your own nails.
  • Make sure you book a regular re-balance appointment. It's a good idea to book a series of appointments at once so you get the same time every two to three weeks.
  • If you notice your nail enhancements lifting don't pull, pick or bite it, this can cause damage to your natural nails. Please contact the salon as soon as possible for a repair. Nail enhancements are not permanent and cannot be guaranteed for any time period as there is no telling what they will be put through. Hence we offer Repairs at £2.50 each.

Around the House

  • Wear rubber gloves when doing those lovely household chores or gardening. Detergents and solvents can be harmful to the nail plate.
  • Car doors, kitchen cupboards, ring pulls and switches are all nail enemies and can cause breakages so try to use the balls of your fingers or a table knife for ring pulls.
  • Avoid tapping your nails; this can lead to your enhancements becoming weak.
  • When applying self tan or hair dyes, wear gloves as these products can discolour your enhancements.

What Products Should I Use on My New Enhancements?

  • It's important to use Cuticle Oil day and night. Massaging it into your nail enhancements will help to keep them stay flexible, prolong their life and keep your cuticles in tip top condition.
  • Invest in a moisturising lotion that will penetrate the skin and your nail enhancements, leaving your hands supple and soft.
  • When removing nail enamel always use an approved non-acetone nail polish remover, polish removers that contain acetone can cause your enhancements to lift.
  • If you would like your enhancements removed, please contact us, we will be able to remove them safely by using a professional product remover or the appropriate method. This will give you a mini manicure to restore moisture and condition to the natural nail, minimising the risk of damage to them.

*Please ask about after care products in stock*


If any adverse reactions occur: rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails/cuticles please contact your therapist straight away.

Should any questions arise, feel free to contact us on (01362) 693999