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Hair Extension After Care

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    1. Before washing hair,brush gently with a bristle cushion brush.

      De-tangle the ends then brush from the roots to the tips. Make
      sure that the hair extensions have been separated in the root area..

    2. Wash hair extensions at least once a week to prevent natural oils from building up on the scalp area.
    3. An oil free recommended shampoo should always be used.
    4. The head should be in an upright position (i.e. in the shower or sitting in the bath) so that the hair flows in a vertical direction down the sides of the head.

      The water should be warm otherwise matting may occur.

    5. DO NOT rub or massage when washing. Use you fingers to stroke the

      shampoo gently into the hair from the roots to the tips.

    6. Rinse thoroughly using clean running water, gently squeeze but DO NOT rub to remove excess water.

      DO NOT not massage or rub.

    1. Apply conditioner, using downward stroking movements from mid-legnth to the ends leave on hair for the recommended time. DO NOT comb through hair, rinse thoroughly avoid bonded areas near the scalp. Do not use heavy protein or silicone based conditioners as it may cause the hair to matt or tangle.

    1. After washing and conditioning, wrap a towel around the hair and pat gently to remove excess water.

      (do not rub extensions).

    2. Separate extensions at the roots before drying, de-tangle hair from the tips,

      working upwards with a wide toothed comb. Apply and leave in
      conditioner from mid-length to the ends, then dry thoroughly with a dryer using a medium heat.

    3. If the hair extensions are longer than 10" then place in a loose plait

      and secure with a covered band on the end before going to bed at night.

    4. NEVER sleep on wet or damp extensions, the extensions should always be dry.
    5. Always hold the extensions whilst brushing to avoid placing tension on the roots,

      never back comb the roots area.

    6. Brush hair and de-tangle regularly and wash frequently if the scalp is greasy.
    7. Electric curling tongs and hot brushes may be used, but avoid the bonded areas

      as direct heat may soften and distort the bonds.

    8. DO NOT wash hair for 24 hours. A leave in conditioner may be used

      mid-length to ends only, do not use on the root area.

    9. Your hair extensions can be worn for up to 3mths, and should be removed after for re-dress. This is due to the regrowth of your hair and to avoid unnecessary stress to the natural hair
  • For additional grooming tips and After Care Products please consult our salon.