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Aftercare advice

Aftercare advice

Lipo Cavitation Pre and After Care Advice

Week before if possible/ if not days before -

  • Liberal intake of water: More than 1 litre a day

  • Do not binge eat

  • Do not drink any alcohol the night before the session

The day of LIPO CAVITATION session -

  • Drink 1 litre of water (coffee, tea or cola does not count!)

  • Do not drink caffeine 3-4 hours prior to session

  • Do not drink carbonated drinks 3-4 hours prior to session

  • Do not have a heavy meal prior to session

  • Do not fast prior to your session. Not eating will make your body go into starvation mode and your session results will not be as significant

Possible Cavitation reactions -

  • Ringing in the ears. This is caused by the sound waves passing from the skeleton to the ear

  • Increase in the need to urinate. This is due to the extra water intake and the process of eradication of fat from the body.

  • Increase in energy/restlessness.This is the body burning excess fat that has now been released as energy. You can make use of this by doing some cardio exercise, for example take a brisk walk, jog on the spot, dancing or anything to raise your heart rate and improve the process of lipolysis.

  • Sensation of heat. This is caused by the energy produced from the broken fat cells as they are imploding. This will stop soon after treatment.

  • Stinging on the skin surface. This happens where the nerves located in the epidermis react with the cooling gel. This will not cause major discomfort and will cease after treatment.

  • If you feel any discomfort during treatment please let us know so we can reduce the energy level.

  • Redness on the surface of the skin. This is heat related and should vanish within 2 hours after treatment.

  • Your circumference increases after treatment. This is due to trauma to the subcutaneous fat and should subside within 24 hours. The treatment can also cause mild bruising in some individuals although this is rare.

Post Lipo Cavitation Advice -

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Follow low fat and reduced carbohydrate diet. Avoid animal fat, butter and cheese. Avoid carbohydrates such as white bread, rice and pasta.

  • Include some protein with every meal

  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

  • Exercise vigorously after every session to stimulate lymphatic activity

  • Skin brush daily prior to bathing or shower

  • Avoid alcohol prior and after treatments

  • Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly

We will not use Lipo Cavitation on the head, breasts, neck, heart area, over lungs, kidneys, ankles or genital area.


 It takes between 24 and 48 hours for the skin to stabilise itself fully after wax depilation. The recovery time depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the amount and type of hair that has been removed. We recommend the following for at least 24 hours after treatment:


  • Apply a soothing after wax lotion or gel regularly to keep the skin soft and minimise any redness or irritation
  • Have only lukewarm baths and showers
  • Avoid from using any perfumed products or anti-perspirant to the area
  • Avoid applying make-up over the area
  • Try not to touch the treated area too much as this may cause irritation and infection
  • We recommend not sunbathing or having a sun bed treatment after waxing

Hair extensions:

    1. Before washing hair,brush gently with a bristle cushion brush.
      De-tangle the ends then brush from the roots to the tips. Make
      sure that the hair extensions have been seperated in the root area..
    2. Wash hair extensions at least once a week to prevent natural oils from building up on the scalp area.
    3. An oil free recommended shampoo should always be used.
    4. The head should be in an upright position (i.e. in the shower or sitting in the bath) so that the
      hair flows in a vertical direction down the sides of the head.
      The water should be warm otherwise matting may occur.
    5. DO NOT rub or massage when washing. Use you fingers to stroke the
      shampoo gently into the hair from the roots to the tips.
    6. Rinse thoroughly using clean running water, gently squeeze but DO NOT rub to remove excess water.
    7. Apply re-constructor using downward stroking movements from mid-leghth to the ends
      leave on hair for the recommended time. DO NOT comb through hair, rinse thoughly
      DO NOT not massage or rub.
    8. Apply conditioner, avoid bonded areas near the scalp. Do not use heavy protein or silicone based
      conditioners as it may cause the hair to matt or tangle.
    9. After washing and conditioning, wrap a towel around the hair and pat gently to remove excess water.
      (do not rub extensions).
    10. Separate extensions at the roots before drying, de-tangle hair from the tips,
      working upwards with a wide toothed comb. Apply and leave in
      conditioner from mid-length to the ends, then dry thoroughly with a dryer using a medium heat.
    11. If the hair extensions are longer than 10" then place in a loose plait
      and secure with a covered band on the end before going to bed at night.
    12. NEVER sleep on wet or damp extensions, the extensions should always be dry.
    13. Always hold the extensions whilst brushing to avoid placing tension on the roots,
      never back comb the roots area.
    14. Brush hair and de-tangle regularly and wash frequently if the scalp is greasy.
    15. Electric curling tongs and hot brushes may be used, but avoid the bonded areas
      as direct heat may soften and distort the bonds.
    16. DO NOT wash hair for 24 hours. A leave in conditioner may be used
      mid-length to ends only, do not use on the root area.
    17. Your hair extensions can be worn for up to 3mths, and should be removed after for re-dress.
    For additional grooming tips and After Care Products please consult our salon.

Body Wraps:

Rules to keep the inches off:

·      No eating after 6.30pm

·      Drink 8/10 glasses of water a day to cleanse your body

·      Limit salt, sugar and caffeine intake

·      Avoid carbonated beverages, sweets and starches (carbonation holds toxins in)

·      Cut down on animal fats

·      Avoid showering after the wrap for 6-8 hours as soaps lotions and creams clog the pores and the skin will hinder the effectiveness of the wrap

·      Dry skin brush every day before you bath to firm, tone and tighten skin

·      Exercise at least 3 times a week



 following these simple steps will prolong the life of your tan.


  • Do not wear tight clothing after the application of the tan
  • Wait for a minimum of 3hours before showering or bathing
  • Shower rather than bathe, and when drying dab skin rather than rub
  • Moisturise the skin daily
  • To keep the tan looking good return to beautician for further application usually 7-10 days

Nail Enhancements:

Before enhancing your nails you need to take into consideration your life style, this also includes your hobbies; for instance, they are not always suitable for the health professionals or people who handle food. The therapist can advise you as to which length would give your nails the optimum strength.

Ok so you've got your nails done and you?re keen to get going, but do you know how to care for them?

Getting Used to Your Nail Enhancements

  • Nail can take some getting used too that's why we recommend you have them at a manageable length if it's your first time into the world of nails. Once you become accustomed to them, they'll start to feel as natural as your own nails.
  • Make sure you book a regular re-balance appointment. It's a good idea to book a series of appointments at once so you get the same time every two to three weeks.
  • If you notice your nail enhancements lifting don't pull, pick or bite it, this can cause damage to your natural nails. Please contact the salon as soon as possible for a repair. Nail enhancements are not permanent and cannot be guaranteed for any time period as there is no telling what they will be put through.  Hence we offer Repairs at £2.50 each.

Around the House

  • Wear rubber gloves when doing those lovely household chores or gardening.  Detergents and solvents can be harmful to the nail plate.
  • Car doors, kitchen cupboards, ring pulls and switches are all nail enemies and can cause breakages so try to use the balls of your fingers or a table knife for ring pulls.
  • Avoid tapping your nails; this can lead to your enhancements becoming weak.
  • When applying self tan or hair dyes, wear gloves as these products can discolour your enhancements.

What Products Should I Use on My New Enhancements?

  • It's important to use Cuticle Oil day and night.  Massaging it into your nail enhancements will help to keep them stay flexible, prolong their life and keep your cuticles in tip top condition.
  • Invest in a moisturising lotion that will penetrate the skin and your nail enhancements, leaving your hands supple and soft.
  • When removing nail enamel always use an approved non-acetone nail polish remover, polish removers that contain acetone can cause your enhancements to lift.
  • If you would like your enhancements removed, please contact us, we will be able to remove them safely by using a professional product remover or the appropriate method. This will give you a mini manicure to restore moisture and condition to the natural nail, minimising the risk of damage to them.

*Please ask about aftercare products in stock*


If any adverse reactions occur: rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails/cuticles please contact your therapist straight away.

Should any questions arise, feel free to contact us on (01362) 693999







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